Value Engineering with real-world knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and why

Hands-on contracting experience gives our Engineering Team the ability to view design from a unique contracting point of view.

We can review your design and make recommendations for changes in equipment specifications, configuration, or layout, which will reduce the installed cost, but will retain as much of the original intent as possible.

Value Engineering Capabilities

  • Complete production information provided (warranties, operating manuals)
  • "As Built" drawings
  • Early and accurate budget projections
  • Fast project delivery
  • Cost saving
  • Attention to details and quality

Typically our involvement in the Value Engineering process occurs after the job has been designed, but we can also make recommendations during the design process:

  • Recommending alternate manufacturers who can deliver comparable performance at reduced cost
  • Modifying installation specifications (insulation, ductwork fabrication details, etc) which may be driving up the cost
  • Modifying or simplifying system layouts to reduce ductwork and/or piping costs
  • Recommending a complete revision of the basis for design (for instance, changing from a water source heat pump to a packaged rooftop system)

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